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Welcome to the Sons of Battery© The most active multichannel e-bike and e-mobility brand & community

If someone had told me that back then, I would have thought they were crazy...

Once upon a time after an e-bike tour... A few beers with friends later, I had this name in my head "Sons of Battery" after the hangover the following day, I created a fun logo... Today almost 25,000 wear it People on bikes and on their stomachs... from 60,000 members across all platforms!

A huge eBike community that doesn't stop growing! The most diverse eBike community in all of Europe! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, Twitch, Twitter and even TikTok! Regular live shows and events await you, stop by!

The e-bike / e-mobility community

The heart of this project is the e-bike community! She is the blood that carries the project! It helps Sons of Battery spread the love for batteries! Everyone is proud of their battery, no one has to be ashamed and that comes across!

There is now a larger group network where you can let off steam freely! Regardless of whether you sell bike parts or e-mobility. We have a lobby and a place for everything!

The best e-bike community in the world! ♥

The Sons of Battery universe
  • SP Connect x Sons of Battery

    We actually have a Sons of Battery - Design Edition at SP-Connect!

    To the Sons of Battery Design Edition 
  • Athletes Eyewear x Sons of Battery

    I am a firm believer in the glasses from the J. Athletics brand! Thanks to its inconspicuous OTG version, there is finally a cool and high-quality way for those who wear glasses to enjoy bike glasses without taking off their main glasses!

    Athletes Eyewear 
  • Sons of Battery x Unleashed

    Unleazhed stands for cool and well thought-out products for everything that protects and individualizes your bike! Whether frame protection film or mudguards, mudguards or ahead caps. At Unleazhed you will find everything your heart desires! Now even in a Sons of Battery Edition which you can find in the Social Line on or in specialist retailers!

  • Sons of Battery x Orbea

    One of the oldest partners and Sons of Battery Supporters is the bike manufacturer Orbea from Spain! In addition to a bike, we occasionally start joint campaigns or appear together at trade fairs. A great symbiosis that is fun for both parties!

  • Do you want to be there?

    Another strong premium partner is Bike-Components! As one of the largest bike shops, we are very proud to have got a cool deal for you! 
  • E-bike clothes / merchandise

    With our E-MTB collection you don't just show your colors, you show everyone that your support goes even further! You trust us with your skin, we give you back the best quality bike clothes! And so that no one is sad, most of them are even available in sizes up to 6XL! So even if you have a little more on your plate, you'll find what you're looking for with us! Sons & Sisters, have fun shopping!

    To the good, legal stuff! 
  • Support with added value!

    Everyone wants it and now you're faced with the decision! What I can tell you: If you brand your bike, you will make friends and be cool with them straight away! What was an internet phenomenon is spilling over into the real world through branding!

    Friendships have been made, partners have been found and friends for life have met since they met through us! This little glue does all of this, so what are you waiting for! Brand your bike and see what happens!

    Show your colors and brand your bike 

    Our partner when it comes to bike shops!

    Directly to 
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