Tools & tips for foil crafting

So here are a few tools I use!
Cordless hot air blower to gently remove the films!

Einhell 4520500 cordless heat gun

To degrease I use:

Avery Surface Cleaner 1L

It's really expensive, but it's also incredibly good!

A pair of tweezers for weeding! So sharp that it becomes a weapon as soon as it falls!

Rubis splinter tweezers

Cutting foil? With a knife? You can, I use this one:

Winjun foil cutter

Another knife that serves me extremely well:

Ecobra Premium Cutter

Do you want to buy a plotter yourself? Cut your own slides?

Silhouette Cameo 4 cutting plotter

With the Cameo 4 you have a good basis to start the plotter game! Lots of functions, good software and great accessories round things off! You can clamp foils up to 30.5 cm into a roll and simply accelerate! I use it myself for quick stories and it has never disappointed me!

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