Collection: Shred or Alive

The Sons of Battery e-mountain bike collection Shred or Alive symbolizes a very unique lifestyle! Drive to the limit and live! Where your limit begins or ends is up to you! We all have the urge for freedom and the e-bike helps us achieve this feeling. Some go on tours, others shred on the trails. But we all have this one hobby in common, whether it's an e-bike or a push bike - we have the same lifestyle - a family, the same gear, the same emotions! You can see our battery flash on the front surrounded by smoke and nature. In the back we see a biker with all sorts of injuries visible on the left in the form of metal splints on his bones, standing in front of an e-bike. On the right you can see him in full gear, posing in a relaxed manner, of course he's wearing Sons of Battery clothes! Just like you!