FAQ - WhatsApp Communities

We have decided to create administered e-bike WhatsApp groups for the chapters. A place to have fun, exchange ideas and make plans for tours.

Each chapter (state) has its own admin who makes sure that no crap is spread. However, you are of course allowed to discuss anything, but explicit videos that depict pornography, racism, bullying, etc. are prohibited and will be deleted immediately, the person immediately...

A WhatsApp group is a chat, be aware of that, which means there is a lot of writing going on there! Sometimes there are irrelevant discussions etc. So it's not always 100% about the bike!

Click here to go to the WhatsApp E-Bike Community

Answer questions:
Can I mute the group? Yes, of course! There's almost no other way :D

Why are there no regional groups?
We have decided not to have regional groups for the following reason: the well-being and moderation of the members is very important to us!

Just like on Facebook, many of us put a lot of time into this project and make it what it is with you! WhatsApp is moderated in exactly the same way, the name Sons of Battery© should continue to be used with a positive image, regardless of the platform, positivity and respect are firmly anchored in our philosophy. We want to reach as many people as possible and make the e-bike and the love of batteries attractive to them, and we also want to give everyone the opportunity to learn as much as possible.

Unmoderated regional small groups a) shoot against everyone's idea and b) we lose control over what goes on there - an example: politics, religion and sexism play no role for us, on any platform, now there is the group, for example "Sons of Battery Südschwarzwald" there are 14 people in there, where someone keeps posting some bad pictures or left/right/middle pictures, etc. Nobody cares because they know it from WhatsApp anyway and suddenly new ones come in, the ones with Sons of Battery© and the brand behind it, are now confronted with these pictures or whatever, don't feel like it and leave the group with the thought "No, Sons of Battery©, the right/left/center weirdos, I don't want to have anything to do with that" and he says it best and that puts SoB in a bad light, we simply can't and don't want to be responsible for that and it goes against every philosophy and of course it also damages the brand.

I hope you understand that... Get together in our large groups and do something regional yourself, without SoB in the name, then everything will be great. We just can't support it, for the reasons mentioned above.

Can I invite strangers into the group on the trail? Sure, tell them about us so they know where they got themselves into!

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