Module 1 driving safety training: HOMESCHOOLING

You want to improve your driving technique in your own area. Do you have jumps or key areas where you want to improve.
If you have 6 (max. 8) participants, our coach Stephan Mangelsdorff (ex Masters Downhill World Champion) will come to you.
After a short learning unit and review of the basics, you'll be off on your trails for intensive coaching.
Duration: Approx. 6 hours
Cost: 99/pp (Team Coaching - Gather 6 buddies who also want to be coached by the world champion and have a damn great, educational day)
Where? You don't have to move! Stephan is coming to you!
When? Whenever you want! We'll explore the date together! The date of the advertisement (on Facebook) is non-binding. We will clarify appointments individually via message!

Are you a team of 6 people? Then let's go!


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