1x1 copyright

Here are the most important points you should know.

1. Authors can only be natural persons.

2. There may be co-authors of a joint work.

3. Copyright is inheritable but not otherwise transferable.

4. Copyright only expires after 70 years after the death of the last author.

5. A pure idea that has not yet been documented in any form is not yet covered by copyright.

6. Copyright law has a certain level of creation before they fall under copyright law. (especially with texts)

7. The author has rights and if you want to use someone's work, consent is required, preferably always in writing.

8. Authors are everyone who creates a work, including photographers, whereby the right to their own image also plays an important role.

9. You can take photos of public figures and show them without asking, you just shouldn't deface them.

10. Private individuals must agree to this, which can be done verbally and through behavior (such as smiling at the camera), but ask for permission before publishing.

11. If you photograph a building, for example, you do not need to remove people depicted on it who are not in the foreground; they are considered accessories.
If you want to photograph a child or a school class, you need the permission of the teachers and all legal representatives of the children.
For pictures of deceased private individuals, you have to ask relatives up to 10 years after their death.

Copyright is not comparable to trademark law,
The trademark right does not expire, so if you want to use a logo or a name, you need detailed approval or a license, such as with a franchise.

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