****Funsport-, Bike- & Skihotel Tauernhof - Ein Reisebericht

****Funsport, Bike & Ski Hotel Tauernhof - A travel report

Day 1:

Wow! Austria! Yet again! And then straight to the craziest bike hotel in Austria? Definitely for us! Dori Rudi Bastian Treichel and I, President Patrick Schneider, visit the fun sports, bike & ski hotel complex TAUERNHOF in Flachau - Austria !
Today was our arrival day and now we found our way to our rooms, so get on the Mac and report back! Guys... this hotel is like my good EVOC backpack! By bikers, for bikers! It's all about the bike here. In the middle of the hotel grounds, in addition to a skate hall, there is a pump track with small wooden structures for practicing or passing the time, which is actually not that easy 😃
After Hans (everyone on a first-name basis in this hotel) greeted us, he showed us around the hotel and told us a little about it, but as a Swabian, the first thing that was important to me was: Where is the free water and where is the food? 😃 Was shown to me, I was reassured... 😃 The tour continued, from the fitness room to the ball pit, billiards, table football, everything was there in the basement and is open 24/7, it is now 11 p.m., I think Dori is pumping right now... 😃
In the back of the hotel we went to the wellness area! Jesus Maria and Joseph, I wanted to jump straight into the indoor pool... but that was stopped, I'm not taking any risks without a full face!
In addition to a relaxation room with 10,000 degrees of heat, there was a sauna (1x textile-free and 1x with protectors). It's cool, but I need it cold, especially with the current temperatures!
One floor up: outdoor pool... again I was held back! Many people lie down to relax and put a towel on them first thing in the morning! No joke, there's room for everyone here!
Okay, it went down again, bar to drink in, a few little information and off to the "weekly table" there it says from Monday to Sunday, everything you need to know: Monday "Bike training - 9 a.m.), guided bike tour with 1600m altitude from 10:30 a.m to 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Party in the bike area etc. Good thing we didn't come on Monday... 😃 . That's what we have on Friday: 4:30 a.m. - sunrise tour...8:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. bike park etc. actually really cool, if only it weren't so early!! Maybe after the first night a video of a beautiful sunrise will be enough for us? Let's see" There's definitely a bike park tomorrow, I've forgotten the name now, but it won't be squeamish, it's a good thing I left my knee pads at home...
Tomorrow we'll continue, now I'll do Bubu first, I can already hear Basti snoring and Dori is pumping at night anyway...

Day 1 Completed!

Flachau Sporthotel Tauernhof Day 1
Well, day 2 at the TAUERNHOF fun sports, bike & ski hotel complex is coming to an end and it was really intense!
At 8:00 a.m. the Reiteralm Bergbahnen trails in Schladming were calling for a ride! The bikes were shuttled, the lift ticket was booked and let’s go! My first time in a lift! Also, a first, shit, my heart is already pounding! Dori shits herself too, only Basti and our second guide Max were calm in the gondola.
The tour was booked directly by the hotel and is part of Friday and the big sporting weekly plan! “Once at the top, relief, survived, system weight of the gondola seems to be enough! Get on the bike! Chris Decher from Magic-Bike-Germany explained to us about possible dangers and about the distance to be maintained... and then we were in the middle of the blueline, which is extremely smooth to ride, no major dangers and it was the only one that was very flowy The danger is your own speed (you can see it in the video on Instagram...) which you automatically generate through the enormous grin and the punch that the route gives you... "Patrick, want to ride a little roots" Head says no, stomach says hunger, brain says " Just do it” - into the root part with Chris and Max, I didn’t see Chris anymore after 2 seconds and I immediately broke out in a sweat… but I noticed that I had to do quite a lot of work with my Orbea Wild FS M team and shouted “I’m just rolling everything is flat HAHAHA” and bang, brake, root impact, arm open, the rest is intact, haha ​​hehe, tapped off and on… “When we get to the bottom, Basti asks “and?” I show him my man’s tear and the 1 mm cut in the middle Tattoo... but it was possible without a band-aid, so we continued on.
We got to the bottom and went straight back up, fast, hooked the bike up to the gondola, hooked it up and went up, it was now possible without any fear, Dori was now stable on the gondola! 😀
From the top we went down twice more... ever safer and faster and bang, the flight of my life, right in the face... I'll just tell you how it was... full impact, the tubeless milk squirts out of the tire everywhere again and I lying in the dirt, good, the other arm, bad: rear derailleur... but everything still worked, just went down, put air in and went.�� But that took away my power and safety, so I stayed down after the 3rd descent and waited for Basti with Dori… “Together we drove back to the hotel around 1 p.m., lunch was on the agenda!
Buffett, take it and eat it wherever you want, nice! Zack plate full of cheese spaetzle, tomato mozzarella and off we go. We sat outside nicely and came down. We wanted to go into the pool before eating, then we decided to sleep for 2 hours 😀 YES! We are never the youngest!!
In the evening the Schusterhäusl called us for dinner together... Katharina from the Tauernhof welcomed us warmly in front of the steakhouse and led us to the table... She was our contact person for the evening and told us a lot about the region and also the steakhouse. Guys...go there when you're here! Chris von Holtz also came and a meeting finally took place! 😀
No matter whether it's a starter, main course or dessert, everything is incredibly tasty, medium is medium and M rare is rare... Insane, really cool, but not cheap, that has to be said clearly, but really something very special, including the restaurant "Schusterhäusl" himself. It is a 400-year-old wooden building that actually belonged to a cobbler, a lot was retained from the original, so tall people should take care of their heads! There are cobbler's utensils hanging everywhere and you can really feel the original, what it was like here back then, where we eat now, boots were beaten back then, nice... I'm really into that kind of thing! ��
Clocky and delicious, a great evening that was also made into an unforgettable evening by everyone involved! Chris, Jonas, Katharina, the great Schusterhäusl team, Chris, Basti, Dori, and Chris his buddy! Thanks! ��Before eating we had the pool open until 10 p.m. (Thanks Katharina 😃 ) After dinner everyone was too full for the pool (Sry Katharina…! 😃 ) ��So let's check off the second day with unforgettable moments on the Reiteralm, injuries that remind me of my time here, good food, great people and another day without swimming! ��
Oh wait, the bikes in the ebike garage still had to be connected to electricity! So get in there and take care of our babies for a moment 😀 Tomorrow at 10 we continue, 1000hm 40km... it will be fun! Will it be enough to go to the pool at the TAUERNHOF fun sports, bike & ski hotel complex tomorrow? Read it tomorrow!
Sleep well! Check pictures now!
LG the President Flachau Tauernhof Day 2
Day 3 in Flachau turned out to be a big challenge, but I'll start at the beginning:
In the morning at 8:30 a.m., breakfast together with Dori, Basti, Chris and his buddy, extensive! The Tauernhof definitely offers that, whether hearty or healthy, everything is there, everything is delicious, no, very tasty in fact (check out the scrambled eggs... fantastic! 😀 ) - at 9:30 a.m. we went on a tour that was supposed to show me some limits!
A tour to the Kurzeggalm Kleinarl , 50km 1100hm - on my bike The fork and shock were adjusted by Jonas and Chris after they repaired and adjusted my gears yesterday! (Great and capable guides!) and off we went!

Will my battery be enough? This question bothered me from start to finish... I immediately started riding in a battery-efficient manner in order to have as much power as possible for the climb. The journey to the foot of the mountain was about 10km and was moderate, good for saving energy. We went through several villages along the Ens, a magical, crystal-clear river with bluish water. A beautiful landscape! Then we stood at the foot of the mountain - destination: the Kurzeggalm at 1711 m - in between there are more than 1000 m in altitude... injured from the fall the day before, I could hardly move anything due to the sore muscles in my thigh...
Up we went! The landscape remained simply fantastic, almost enchanting... Amazing - Guide Chris “Immediately uphill, then level, then uphill and we're there! What a struggle, but successful! After the 1000 hm had been packed and everyone still had batteries (especially me 😀 ) We arrived dead but happy at the top. The Kurzeggalm at 1700m is a small mountain hut, but it doesn't lack anything! You can even connect the bike with the Bosch charging cable included!!! Hook up your bike and get your beer on! No, the Cola! We sat there for an hour, refueled, ate, and had a lot of fun. Then I went to my personal final boss! The uphill starts right behind the house! How I fought! Finally we all got to the top! Further along the trail and then it happened again... I had the next accident... Unfortunately this time it was even more serious... I crashed, this time into an electric fence that had it all... 4-5 electric shocks brought my butt up again and at the same time out of the anthill on which I fell! Dori helped me and pulled me out of the fence with all her strength. After that I was done, the other trails had been run, I was unsure and didn't want to risk my life. Dori, Basti, Chris von Holtz also wanted to chill downhill! Well, we drove down the gravel road and took photos of everything that wasn't riveted and nailed down. When we arrived at the foot of the mountain (a little late) we looked for the trainers to drive back, which we did! My battery is at 14% oh man... and we still have 10 km to go 😕
Fight again! But successfully, when I arrived at the TAUERNHOF fun sports, bike & ski hotel complex, I still had exactly 2% left in the battery and was happy, but dead! But today we had a mission! We wanted to go to the pool! Quickly throw in some lunch and head into the cool water!
From the pool we went to dinner, but nobody was really hungry. But that wasn't because of the food, on the contrary, the three courses were fantastic, but we were tired!
Still, we had to have a nightcap, we hadn't inspected the hotel bar yet, now on the last day before departure, the perfect time! We sat until late in the evening drinking and laughing... and celebrating the unforgettable time in the beautiful Tauernhof!
Tomorrow is the departure, what we experience before then you will read tomorrow... sodele and now my eyes are closing too!
LG the President

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