Collection: Scan Me - Vinyl Sticker

A sticker that works! No matter where, whether at the shop door or especially on the car. Isn't there? There is! Get more out of your sticker and buy our smart set consisting of a sticker and a writable NFT tag. Both in combination and your sticker is smart!

You stick the sticker on the side window of the car, for example, and as a counterpart you stick the NFT tag from the inside “behind” the sticker! Your interactive advertising is ready! You can now describe it yourself, for example with the “NFC Tools” app from the App Store or Android Store - store your Instagram channel, or Facebook, or both! Leave hidden messages or annoy the other person with a cheeky text "haha, scanned for free!!" - The possibilities are limitless!

Another option would be to stick the NFT tag directly onto the film and then stick both together in the interior to display blood group etc. save.

Do you want it done and done? Then use our service and we will program it for you with your IG or Facebook account!