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Love 2 Ride - men's baseball shirt long sleeves

Love 2 Ride - men's baseball shirt long sleeves

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SECURE YOUR ADVANTAGES with one of our bike branding, e.g. free bike pants in the Tauernhof in Flachau (AT)! Recognition in the event of theft, quickly find like-minded people

Stick notes/instructions

What is the best way to stick our stickers?

Sunlight can make your helmet brittle! UV rays can attack your paint, but also the stickers. Most of our films have UV protection, but this also means that the paint around the stickers/films can change color. Please keep this in mind when sticking it on

Stickers / PVC films, regardless of their form, contain solvents that can attack the surface in the long term, which is why we accept no liability for any damage to any surface. See terms and conditions

Important information about our clothes

Attention, regardless of whether it is a shirt or jersey, hoodie or cap, it will be produced externally as soon as you order! The production of shirts and hoodies takes approx. 2 days + subsequent shipping - approx. 2/3 days

The production of jerseys, caps, cups etc. takes approx. 5 days + 2-5 days shipping!

Factor that in if you want it to be there for birthdays or planned tours!

Stickers are produced by us by hand and take approx. 2 days to reach you!

Ready for the big hit: Hit the home run with this shirt in the legendary baseball look with color-contrasting sleeves and neck hem.
  • Contrasting raglan sleeves
  • Light fabric quality: 160 g/m²
  • material: 100% cotton
Men's baseball shirt long sleeves
turns out small
A b C
M 710mm 485mm 705mm
L 735mm 535mm 735mm
XL 760mm 585mm 780mm
XXL 775mm 635mm 800mm
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