What is Sons of Battery?

We are the Sons of Battery and stand by our battery!  We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we want to provide e-bikers and those who want to become e-bikers with information. Here you will find trail tips, pictures, videos and much more. Send us pictures of you, your bikes, your tours, etc. Let the family grow!

Of course we're not a real gang here, the whole thing is based on a joke that came about because of this name. We try to be a gathering place for all eBikers and to create a big, great community without competing with other groups. On the contrary, we see ourselves as a kind of accommodation for everyone, because we all share one thing - our Pedelec! Basically, you are automatically one of us, whether you know us or not!

Since the name was very well received and there was demand, I founded a shop around the name in which we sell a little merch related to the “gang” - frame films, clothes up to 5XL, stickers, etc. Either to identify with the community or just to protect your frame from e.g. stone chips or abrasion, cable damage whatever...

Whatever is practical and pleasing is sold. High quality and sustainably produced. I think everyone who has bought a shirt or sweater here can confirm this. Our stickers are created by hand and we continue to improve the quality there.

There is no admission ritual, even if I add a card to all orders saying “Admission ritual passed” That’s the joke about it ;D We just love the name and we even live it!

There will definitely be chapters! We want to cooperate with a large forum that doesn't run on Facebook, but we are currently still looking for a forum that fits. Many groups are very hidden and have a strict etiquette, which is good, but you should never lose the fun of it and since we are a great, colorful bunch, the forum has to be right too ;D If anyone has an idea, always bring it on!

My dream for the future would be regional chapters that are filled with life. Where people meet up for tours or barbecues, plan great trips, etc. We are also in the process of cooperating with hotels and driving safety trainers to plan great promotions or get discounts for the next bike vacation.

Yeah, that's the plan, SoB has grown very quickly, which is why I can hardly keep up with everything, I still have a family and a job, which of course always comes first.

So much for our plan and my vision.
Everyone can help, whether advertising on the internet or on the bike, let's grow up together and make a difference!

Current discount code: TRIKOT10 on all short-sleeved jerseys up to 6XL