Was ich immer dabei habe, beim Radfahren!

What I always have with me when cycling!

After 3 years of active cycling, a lot of things have accumulated in my backpack. The equipment grew mostly out of necessity.

In the beginning there was only the backpack, a granola bar, an air pump and a drink.
In the meantime, all sorts of things have been added! Sometimes you have a flat tire, sometimes the chain keeps jumping, or the gear doesn't engage at all... So we upgraded! So that you can get started straight away and learn from other people's mistakes, here is my bike equipment with a link to buy it:

- Granola bar
Power bar

- Replacement hose
Schwalbe tube

-Tubeless Flick Kit

Mini tool

- 2x French valve
Valve insert

- Chain lock!!
Chain lock

- Schwalbe tire levers
Schwalbe tire lever

- Oil

- Air pump
injex T-Zoom mini pump

- Derailleur hanger
derailleur hanger

- First aid kit
First aid

- Tire first aid kit
Tire patch kit

- Power bank
SP Connect Wireless Charging Module

- Handkerchiefs
- small garbage bag
- Headlamp

Links of course to our partner at Bike-Componenten

Nevertheless, I'm excited to see what else will happen in the future :D Do you have more experience? What's missing from my backpack?

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