Unser neuer Partner Fride - Bikemarkt

Our new partner Fride - Bikemarkt

Man, what have I been waiting for this day! A new cooperation and then with Fride, the used market app! The market is getting wilder and wilder and I believe that the Biuke used market is only just getting started, so there needs to be something organized, a base where I can easily and safely sell my stuff or even browse! Fride, it's the only app that offers me that! With Fride as a partner, there are many more options open: events, Mettwurst and much more. In the future, Fride will play an even bigger role for us! Stay tuned!

peace - press release

Fride Bikemarkt GmbH, based in Hamburg, was founded in the summer of 2022 by Jonas Müller and Volker Schlicht and, with the “fride - Bikemarkt App”, is aimed at all people who want to buy or sell bicycles, accessories and more - centralized on one platform. The founders of the Hamburg start-up are pleased that they were able to gain another top-class supporter for their online platform “ fride - Bikemarkt ”. With Mr. Rüdiger Bartholatus, the founder of mobile.de, we were able to convince an experienced entrepreneur who once established himself as a market leader by building and scaling an industry-specific online marketplace from scratch. Due to the platform's high potential and market demand, he agreed to accompany the founders via the Advisory Board. “We are happy to have Mr. Bartholatus at our side as a sparring partner!” - said the founders. The leading online bicycle marketplace app has been making steady progress since it was founded in summer 2022. After the final version was released in December 2022, a number of strategic collaborations were concluded in the past few weeks. This will be reported in more detail in the next press releases and on the social networks of fride Bikemarkt GmbH. Today the collaboration with Sons of Battery, Europe's most active E-MTB community with over 52,000 members, is also announced. Founder Patrick Schneider is a strategic partner of fride and vice versa. In the future, joint events will be organized, fride We'll give a first impression on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 at 8:45 p.m. in the Sons of Battery livestream!" - said Jonas Müller and Volker Schlicht. Furthermore, the two founders will be guests on Germany's largest mountain bike podcast with over 75,000 listeners on January 30, 2023 with Tobias Woggon, who also recognized the potential and need for the platform in the market. “We believe that peace is something for everyone - especially since the pandemic, the topic of bicycles has become omnipresent.” - says Jonas Müller. The collaboration with the software company Velocom, which, with its software “Veloport”, is the largest provider with over 750 affiliated dealers in German-speaking countries, for operational software - especially for bicycle retail - is developing just as well. Through the cooperation with Veloport, from the beginning of February, all dealers who use Veloport will be able to offer their items managed in the merchandise management system automatically on the fride bike market using a special interface. “Through the cooperation with Sons of Battery and Veloport, we manage to unite the private and business customer sectors! This means that dealers can sell their items nationally without having to spend a lot of money on marketing and private customers can offer their bike items directly in the community for free.” - summarizes Jonas Müller. Many more projects are planned for 2023. “In the next few weeks we will report on further collaborations with well-known personalities from the cycling scene.” - says Volker Schlicht.
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