Sportbrillen von J.Athletics - OTG Waveride

Sports glasses from J.Athletics - OTG Waveride

Author: Rolf Seyfried

Hey guys, as a four-eye (glasses wearer) I have big problems when it gets towards autumn or rain, my glasses constantly fog up, you stop, clean them, keep driving... That's crap, normal sports glasses don't fit, OR It's too expensive if you have it made with prescription... Well, expensive is always in the eye of the beholder, but I'm a few percent Swabian... that should say it all!

So I looked for solutions, found this in a classic Google that looked like a diving mask, had something, but the goggles got jammed when taken off and pressed very hard. Then I came across J.Athletics and their OTG Waverider - 89 euros, just okay if it's good!

How do I investigate well? a) It has to fit over my church glasses and b) I don't want to feel it, oh yeah and c) It should protect my eyes from wind, weather and the sun.

Well, what can I say, 3 days later the Waverider was there, and at first I didn't have a good feeling, super light, kind of clunky, but okay... I bent the two brackets over the normal one and noticed "Aha, okay, they Seems flexible and robust, if you get stuck somewhere when taking them off, they'll forgive you! 1 out of 5 stars! - I was a little doubtful that my glasses would fit, but damn, my frames fit 100% and in the end I noticed You can even click it a little - Perfect, the glasses fit perfectly! Another star! Put them on and look at the mirror, first see how they fit on me... Well, there's not much that can be done about the shape of my head, but the glasses look good It doesn't look that bad, it doesn't look like a foreign body, after all, my glasses are still underneath! But no, you can't really see it! 3/5 stars!

Put a half-shell helmet on and see if the straps hurt! No, the temples become very thin towards the end, you don't notice anything, even with my glasses underneath, basically double temples, you don't notice anything because, at least on me, the temples separate at the ear (see picture) 4/5 stars!

So and then I drove a few kilometers with it and realized that I didn't notice anything, yes, it protected from the sun, everything was obviously a bit darker, but what impressed me most was that I couldn't feel the glasses! What initially felt like "Mhh, €89? Seriously" - then on the ride turned into "Okay, that's fat, I didn't think of that!" - Sure, your glasses already weigh a lot, now add a big thumper on them and your nostrils will dance lambada! Good OTG glasses MUST be light, you can't see it and you can't feel it! In addition to all the nonsense like anti-reflective coating on the front and back, UV400, Revo coating, polarizing lenses, and rear anti-reflective coating, that was what caught me the most!

That's why I can recommend these glasses to all glasses wearers who don't want to ride with a downhill Google, but still want to protect their eyes well and stylishly! 5/5 stars from me!

The J. Athletics Waverider OTG glasses - you can find them here: OTG GLASSES
the code SOB20 you can deduct 20% from the purchase price!


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Deine Brille darf ca. 14,5 cm, breit sein! Dann passt sie


Hey Partrick,
und da beschlägt dann echt nichts mehr? Grad jetzt bei dem aktuellen Wetter?
Leider sind die Bilder am Handy sehr klein und nicht scharf zu vergrößern.
Wie breit sollte denn der ideale Bügel sein, so das er auch richtig einrastet? Weil jeder Brille wird da ja leider nicht rein passen nehme ich mal an.

Gruß Chris🤙🏻


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