Sons of Battery - Jahresrückblick

Sons of Battery - Annual Review

What kind of year is coming to an end? Incredible ...
So much has happened... especially with regards to Sons of Battery! I would never have thought that this whole thing would develop like this, especially so well... Anyone who watched the stream yesterday knows how this started... I was drunk, had an idea, developed a logo, uploaded and the rest is coincidence, since then I have been complying with your wishes and trying to steer the boat as a one-man show as best as I can.
August 2019 I got my first e-bike, I became addicted.... by December 19 I rode almost 1200 km... I lost almost 15 kilos during that time... If I can do it, then others can too ! I have to encourage my people to do this! That was my first thought that steered me in the direction of this project... After a tour we drank a lot, I just had the idea of ​​a gang because we always had a lot of fun together... the next day the logo came up world and stuck it on a T-shirt that I ordered for us. Somehow the logo found its way onto the internet... and that was the start of Sons of Battery...
I noticed that more and more people could identify with it
Even people without e-bikes found it funny... it was my chance to tell everyone about myself and tell everyone how great an e-bike is, if it gets me off the couch and back into nature, then many people can too save others! My mission began 😃
I talked about my experiences and began to flesh out this project alongside my main job, securing names, URLs, Facebook pages, Instagram and everything else needed to be heard. Set goals for myself to achieve and develop even more great things through the huge amount of attention I enjoyed.
I wanted chapters, I wanted to get to know the people, I wanted everyone to be able to get to know each other really easily, no questions in forums about who drives where... simple, easy, for everyone, ideally free! I worked on this meticulously from January to May, created forums, deleted them again, created groups, deleted them again... at the same time I worked on the fan page, took care of the Facebook group, created new motifs, got to know you, got to know them Getting to know the bike industry... and didn't even get to ride bikes anymore... oh yeah, there was Corona too...
In May I was finally able to reach my goal! With the help of Discord, I was able to set up a server that sorts members by their state fully automatically and thus creates chapters for bikers who also get enormous added value from the app! Cool!
A new goal is needed, I want jerseys, jerseys for skinny ones and jerseys for the big boys and girls, because these are somehow forgotten by the bike industry... I myself got through the season with Alibaba jerseys!
I met Max from Träl Bikewear and there was a spark... 😃 We got together and negotiated a deal that helped both sides! The next goal was within reach! A jersey up to 6XL... Awesome! At the end of July it was time! I remember it was 8 p.m., I made the post and released the item in the shop... at 3 a.m. we were partially sold out... I never would have thought that in my life... I hugged my wife and at the same time I signaled to her that our weekend was ruined 😃 Since the shipping was handled by me, the whole family had to pitch in... We folded boxes, packaged them, stickered them, and brought 130 jerseys to the post office on Monday... the store has hated us ever since.. 😃 Of course, everything in addition to my main job, which unfortunately doesn't rest on Sundays either...
The group grew, more and more e-bikers came together, were able to identify with each other, liked the project so much that they printed out huge SoB logos in the 3D printer, with my logo... my drunk-generated logo 😃 incredible...
The bike park seasons then started for us... My boys and I drove to Stromberg... by now I knew that this SoB thing was and would be pretty big... but that's when it really hit home
Flow trail Stromberg
... we were recognized, I suddenly saw people in the real world with my logo! People wanted pictures with me and more... that was sick, you can't imagine what that was like... what it's still like today! I was just drunk! 😃 I went home paralyzed, thinking... about everything... what I've done here, why are people celebrating this?! To this day I don't know the answer...
There had to be something for the girls too, I've heard the feedback from the start! Daughters of Battery sounds crappy... DoB, sounds crappy... We already have SoB, many girls had already put SoB glue on their bikes... mhhh... okay, the Sisters of Battery were born! Sounds cooler too... Girls, check!
Team awesome guy
came by my place while traveling from Saalbach towards home, we drank and grilled... Great guys, everyone! k4oS aka Bastian König came by with beer and sausage, which resulted in hours-long conversations about our hobby, in the garden, in the light, in the dark...
I noticed that more and more people were holding a grudge against me, they didn't understand that I didn't mean anything bad to anyone, on the contrary, I was in favor of working together, not against each other, no matter where, joining forces is the motto! I don't want to be the biggest group! I want to get people on ebikes, I want them to have fun, take advantage of the opportunity to get into nature...
The group still grew, I have great admins who have my back and control the group perfectly according to my open philosophy, everyone knows what they are doing, we do a lot of things differently than other groups, which is why it's really not that easy to act according to my philosophy! Thanks to you! Without you, most of the ship would never be on course!
Liteville gave me the opportunity to test a real bike (I had a KTM Macina Mighty Hardtail until then), with a system weight of 150 kilos I was supposed to push the 301, their first e-bike ever, to the limits, I didn't break it, Everything has held up to this day and I'm sure it will last even longer! A dream bike.. I would like to thank Liteville but also the entire community, you gave me this opportunity!
In addition to my main job, I tried to keep swimming... everything was and is becoming more and more, every film that you stick on your bike went through my hands, every film, approx. 4670 pieces (x2 double packs), I weeded, taped and packed , the letter printed, labeled and franked. I developed further motifs, for shirts, for foil/stickers...
But my boys from the Pforzheim chapter didn't have much of me...
The community grew, Dirk Ball invited me to the Odenwald, there were a bunch of people waiting for the President, all in jerseys, and you can guess who left their jersey at home... an amazing day, amazing -Tour, just awesome people, just like online... just like I know you from the internet... only now real again! The impressions... I don't forget anything... that stays forever, no matter where this boat floats.
Even after a year, the Sons of Battery project is a one man show... I have no sponsors, no investor (and why? 😃 ) just my family and you supporters! Everything out of my own pocket and I'm extremely proud of that! A crazy idea that became a hobby, then a big hobby and now a very big hobby 😃
What else is happening?
Of course, new motifs keep coming!
The Sisters have received far too little attention, I want to change that!
I want to create events to meet you in real life!
There will be a very special sticker that is currently in development!
A new jersey collection is coming, this time also with proper sizes!
The live streams will continue, with great guests and lots of fun!
Well, what else happens... None of this was ever planned, so I take it as it comes and play the ball that is thrown to me 😃
But I also want to drive more because that fell by the wayside with all the great things that were happening... I hardly got to drive, a lot alone but little with the boys...
Support that too
DIMB - German Initiative Mountainbike eV
We had it again in yesterday's stream... it doesn't cost any money but it benefits us all, the bigger they get, the bigger our voice becomes (No, here too, no paid advertising, just persuasion!)
I've certainly forgotten a lot... Klaus Yazio,
enduro vibes
... and if I had to greet you all, I would have to list every single one of you, that's impossible, so as I often do, I'll just say thank you, not an inflationary thank you, a thank you that really comes from the heart, a thank you from all of me Family!
Above all, I would like to thank my wife... who has my back, is behind the project and helps me as best she can!
♥ I love you my sweetheart ♥
Everyone slide in safely and stay safe! See you in 2021!
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