Sob Jahresrückblick 2021

Sob annual review 2021

Annual review
Hey guys, I don't even know how to start... Last year was really crazy and at the end of 2020 I realized what was happening here... In 2021 I just wanted to keep going and see what happens. That's exactly how I did it...
In January the trademark registration was finally completed (that takes quite a long time...) and I was finally in possession of my own trademark... As proud as Oskar, I unpacked the certificate, which still hangs on my wall to this day. Everything became more and more, more supporters, more orders, more options and more and more time being consumed. In March, 7,600 bikes were branded across Europe! There was work going on in the background, the new jerseys were needed, Träl Bikewear was working hard to get the new collection on land. I was also designing it myself, or rather, Bakore, a well-known street artist, designed the “THE POWER OF MOVEMENT” collection for us, which is still one of your favorite motifs today! At the start of the new season the new jerseys were finally ready, completely different designs but just as cool as last year's collection!
In May my new motif “Love 2 Ride” came about, which came about by chance but immediately became a favorite across Europe! For Chris Colon , we designed his “Love It Ride It” wish and he said I could also put it in the shop, but it was too wide for me and contradicted my idea of ​​a bike wrap (all logos on the top tube can find space) I deleted the “ITS” and packed the 2 with me… immediately fell in love, it went into the shop as a 2 colored sticker!
In May I made a difficult decision, I quit my secure job for another one to have more time for Sons of Battery. My wife was devastated, but I had a good feeling. I had to, there was simply no other way.
On the day I quit my job and signed with the other person, a magical call came, Rico Haase said, “Tell me, can I give your number to Philipp Martin from Orbea ?” I stuttered, “Yeah, right… huh? Why?” – I ran up and down. We planned to move to a larger apartment at the end of May in order to have more space for the “workshop”, as I had only been able to do the slides in the living room. More space for the kids, a room for me, everything could only be great, but I had no desire to move. These thoughts were my constant companion... it's good that I immediately thought of other things... Philipp called... I can imagine you like me... etc... I don't want to go into detail - result: Orbea presents the new Präsi Bike , a Wild FS M team.
I couldn't figure it out, called my wife, who didn't figure anything out except: "If we don't end up in debt, then do it.." My wife just... 😃 The handover was planned for August, with a big photo shoot by Rico Haase... I, who really feel like taking photos... Well... continue with the text 😃
A highlight of June was the live stream with the team geiler Typ , they were connected live from Saalbach and we were able to take a look at the beautiful panorama and also at the exhausted faces of the team!
At the end of July we went to Bamberg and finally got the Orbea Wild FS! When I arrived at Rico Haase's home port, I met Philipp and his great family at the campervan, in the back I already saw an Orbea Rise and a Wild FS... I was so incredibly excited... there it was. Philipp set it up for me - it wasn't that easy at all for a blockhead like me 😃 ) Then we drove off to the shoot...
It was exhausting but cool, Rico didn't spare me, but at times I behaved like the last person on the bike... the whole situation was strange and very unusual for me 😃 Nevertheless, I rode the new Präsi bike and got to know it a little... oh man, I was so happy, on the way to the spots I kept emphasizing how happy I was and that all of this only happened because you existed Supporters who celebrate this project! Simply unbelievable... Little anecdote on the side: I lost my wallet during the shoot, drove home without it, came back a day later with my wife and we walked all the trails... without success..
The community grew and grew, and I didn't do anything, sure, I ran advertisements for various shirts or new products, but I never promoted the group anywhere or anything... it just grew, okay... in September I really realized that I only have a little time left, for family, private life, my dad, etc. I fell into a small hole and yet everything kept increasing, more orders, more supporters, more groups... I didn't understand why I was feeling bad, even though everything was like that It's wonderful, everything is just as fun as it was at the beginning, only it gets more...
A lot was happening behind the scenes, I concentrated on getting out of the hole somehow, but still threw myself deeper and deeper into work a) into my new job and b) SoB, my baby... I still slowly felt better because I was more and more could work on construction sites. Homepage updates, important phone calls, creating any structures that will help me, more mods, etc. and suddenly another call came... “Max here, from EMTB Magazine , we would like to do an interview with you, when is the right time, we’ll come over” – I fell into my chair… I thought “Won’t that stop it?!” I grinned from ear to ear and knew exactly if I wanted to be there in the interview! YOU! People only come because you exist, because you bring the whole thing to life, so you should definitely be there for such a unique opportunity!
I arranged a livestream or a teams meeting and invited all of you. And it worked, you're now part of my interview in EMTB Magazine... we can even see you in the background, that's the greatest feeling to see all of us in it! Such a blatant experience... No one will take that away from us!
At the beginning of September, the Eurobike! My first road trip and with colleague Bastian Treichel!
I was supposed to sleep in a tent... at a campsite... I was afraid of it, and it was to get much worse! 😃 Arrived at Lake Constance, found a campsite, moved and off we went… my first Eurobike, a feeling like being in a toy store as a child, everything is shiny, you want to get to everything, but everything is too expensive… 😃 Met so many people, so many impressions, so many business cards... and everyone wants something from you, the feeling that everyone knows you, but you don't know anyone... strange, but cool! Michael Wald introduced the Paul Lange Area and we agreed to meet up for the evening: campsite, music, barbecue and 1-2 beers... at 6:00 p.m. we left the fair and walked towards Van, Chris, who came along on the visitors' day, said goodbye and we put up the tent... incompetent as I was, people came from all sides and helped me, but only in the form of a free beer... unfortunately there was no coffee, but everything went quite well! 😃 The tent was up, so, camping chair, laptop on your lap and off you go, working, answering your messages, commenting on posts, taking pictures for the company... meanwhile I was bitten by mosquitoes, guys, I'm telling you, I've never seen anything like that ... the sun went down and Michael Wald and his friends came... an evening that I will never forget, really never! But I won't go into details... just this: herrings were the first breakfast at the fair for everyone involved! In the tent I continued to work, tipsy and listening to music, then I fell asleep... luckily 6 hours later my eyes opened again, but my body continued to sleep... back pain from hell, I couldn't walk anymore... the tent or... The mattress had killed me, but there was still one day of the trade fair ahead of us, and the most important one at that... A hell of a ride, I tell you... everyone who saw me felt pity, after all... 😃 We pushed through but Basti and I were game over, game over but super happy! An event that will stay in our minds forever and will definitely be repeated, also with Basti... let's see if we can find more time for events next year!
We were back in the Ländle and, still visibly beaten from the weekend at the Eurobike, I received another email from the E-Bike World Federation - When would you have time to chat" ... Can I have some peace and quiet? No! Let's continue... So we are now planning an Ebike World Cup... Yes, of course… my daily bread… not. Several meetings with the organizer and a plan was in place...
End of September, Michael Wald wants to pass on my number...
The visit to Andy Bär and the terrible scars I received will never be forgotten 😃
At the beginning of October, supporter Sascha Dornhöfer sent me something that I still celebrate so hard to this day... I get beer, or sausage, or even socks or cat food from you every now and then, but that... that was really crazy... There were 2 license plates with SOB lettering etc... Dude... sooo cool Thank you Sascha, I stood in the new apartment shaking my head..
Man, I can just carry on like this now, you all noticed all this stuff... I managed to win bike mail orders for us and you got a lot out of it, my first license cooperation with SP Connect ... (The result of the passed on Michael Wald's number 😊 ) An interview with Mike Kaske who came to visit me. More collaborations to come and be ultra good! All the guests in our live broadcast. The possibility with Ankerkraut ... Everything is just so incredible and somehow we all experience it together! Where is the journey going? Definitely to Ischgl 😃 But what happens before and after? We will experience it together!
I would like to thank you again this year for all these moments, memories and images that were drawn in my head, it all happens because we all pull together and breathe life into the community! I will continue to try to give back as much as I can!
Thanks to each and every one of you! Thanks to everyone who loves their battery, you show how nice riding an e-bike is and how much fun you can have! You are helping people who might never be able to ride a bike again and now, thanks to your reports, get wings and experience what we experience, fun in nature!
Love also goes out to my mods, which have been expanded to include 2 more noses this year! Bastian Treichel Harry Baldur Heiko Popeiko Felix Röse Nadine Krus Basti Hell Dori Rudi - Thank you for keeping Facebook under control so well!
Finally, I would like to apologize and thank my wife Mandy Schneider at the same time... She holds the reins of the family despite a full-time job, she has my back and makes sure that I work on my project, hobby and dream can!
I love you my sweetheart ♥
I wish you all a happy new year, lots of fun and success in everything you do, but above all good health, we live in shitty times, take care of yourself and your loved ones!
Thank you for this great 2nd year Sons of Battery, let's go into year number 3, together with you it can only be awesome!
PS: Likes to remind me of things I've forgotten! ;D It was so incredibly much...
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