Revolute Grip-C - Eine Griff Revolution?

Revolute Grip-C - A grip revolution?

Revolute Grip-C –

There was once a stream and I told you that my hands were constantly falling asleep... I heard "grip position", "adjust the saddle correctly", "other grips", etc., I really tried a lot, but I couldn't get it under control ... In the summer of 2022 we had the Sons of Battery “Chapter Pfalz” tour. Many km, many meters of altitude... somehow I was so tense there that I actually had a tingling sensation in my right hand for weeks... at that point the company @Revolute GmbH wrote to me asking if I wanted to try Grip-C grips, they had a palm rest, etc .possibly my cure. Of course I didn't say no because I really liked them even without knowing what they could do :D

I was allowed to choose the color of the fully milled aluminum clamp and just had to wait.

Revolute, which I actually only know from the Hub1 hub, is based in Kassel and I know that the guys are doing a really good job! The handles also seem to be okay, after all they received a Red Dot Design Award for them!

2 weeks later the Grip-C grips made in Germany arrived. The first thing I noticed was the packaging! Made entirely from recycled cardboard? It still looked extremely high quality! Everything was so well thought out that there was no extra note, everything in one piece! Even the instructions, if you need them... A hexagon socket was also embedded in the packaging, perfect! I no longer have to go to the basement, saved steps again!

The assembly went quickly. What was noticeable was that they didn't smell like rubber or anything, I don't know if you pay attention to that sort of thing, but I noticed that! The adjustment was also easy, the rest comes while driving. As a tip: Just don't tighten too much, so you can find the perfect posture during the test lap.

They were unusual at first, I admit that! The heel of my hand got a support, strange at first but not necessarily a negative, but how does it behave on the trail, am I not missing the right support because I don't feel like I'm completely enclosing it?!

They look beautiful! Not grandma-like, but fresh, technical and modern, the edges make it a perfect match for my Orbea Wild FS. The colors of the fully milled clamps are not intrusive, but appear to be of very high quality, the recesses provide good grip and it also has a lot of grip! Everything is great, I was really happy, but will they help me with my problem of hands falling asleep? The setting and testing round won't tell me that, I need a different environment!

So we went to Flachau in Austria! 1600 m in 26 km - after that we either have an amputation, which I report on, or we have grips that have solved my problem... Well, I'm writing the report with these hands... My hands don't tingle anymore! The Revolute Grip-C definitely helped me get the problem under control! But on the trail I sometimes had the feeling that I wasn't gripping well enough. Maybe it's because of the palm rest? Are these more grips for touring? Maybe I need a few more trails, but my main problem was history, the tingling hands and that's exactly what it was about!

Overall I am very satisfied! I have grips that are produced in Germany, where they really pay attention to sustainability, that look and are of high quality, with great variations to match them to the bike. But most importantly, my hands stay awake and don't tingle, but they still have a good grip and don't slip off so quickly! But if it gets very rough, the palm rest bothers me personally, but that could also be because of my short fingers, and it probably will! I absolutely recommend them because they helped me to literally get my “tingling hand problem” under control!

The Revolute Grip-C is available in the following colors:

The handle has a length of approx. 14cm outside and 12.6cm inside

  • ☑ MADE IN GERMANY - Uncompromising quality from Germany
  • ☑ ERGONOMIC - Excellent relief for the wrists
  • ☑ RESOURCE SAVING - Short transport routes, regional production, solar power and heat recovery
  • ☑ SAFE - Suitable for allergy sufferers, PAH-free, TÜV certified
  • ☑ UNIVERSAL - Suitable for all types of bicycles and e-bikes

You can find all information about the Grip-C handles from Revolute at

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