Livestream: Mike Kluge kommt!

Livestream: Mike Kluge is coming!

He is coming!
Mike Kluge - Mike The Bike
Join us tomorrow in the live stream! Most people should know him!
For those who don't know him:
It will be legendary and I mean it!! He rode bikes that many of us don't even know about! Without suspension and any bells and whistles! The downhill World Cup winner and 13-time German cyclocross/MTB champion, co-founder of the Focus bike brand and also the eponym of the Ford FOCUS car brand, Olympic participant, world champion - (and much more. The list would be too long!) has dedicated himself to the E-MTB and it fits the fist in the face to us! That's why what needs to come together comes together!
Tomorrow, 8:45 p.m. on
Join us live and ask your questions in the chat! Mike Kluge
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