LaZer Jackal Kineticore Fahrradhelm im Test

LaZer Jackal Kineticore bicycle helmet tested

Belgian helmet manufacturer Lazer is proud to introduce its latest innovation: Kineticore technology , specifically designed to provide protection against the effects of rotational forces.

Laser Jackal

The helmet shell of the Lazer Jackal consists of a clever combination of a total of seven individual parts. This sophisticated construction gives the Lazer Jackal helmet outstanding safety and comfort features. The clever arrangement of the ventilation openings also ensures optimal cooling, even when goggles are worn.

In addition, the Jackal is equipped with the Lazers "Advanced Turnfit" adjustment system, which adapts to the individual head shape both vertically and horizontally. This ensures an excellent fit and eliminates any pressure points, which is extremely attractive, especially for people who wear glasses!

Glasses wearers be careful: the lazer Jackal bicycle helmet has enough space for the temples!

Additionally, the Lazer Jackal offers a high-quality, adjustable visor, a universal glasses holder, an easy-to-use magnetic closure and comes with a GoPro camera mount. These features and supplements are simply nice and you can tell that we bikers were thought of! We want a GoPro mount, we don't want the Google to slip, etc. just great! The packaging is recycled and well thought out, actually almost like you want to keep it for storage :D

Magnetic closure helmet

But what is Kineticore , and why do I personally no longer want MIPS?
Within the community the topic of MIPS comes up again and again... *MONEY MAKING!* *Doesn't help* etc. that's nonsense! Admittedly, when I look at the Mips system, it is difficult to understand that these small MIPS points (MIPS Air/Air Node System in the IXS helmet) absorb the rotational forces... although it seems to work, luckily I had to never find out, it's normal for the consumer but just difficult to understand... understand? The MIPS system is designed to provide additional protection against rotational forces that can occur during oblique impacts. In the event of an oblique impact, the head may tend to rotate. MIPS uses a protective layer (often a type of anti-friction layer, depending on the MIPS system ) in the helmet, allowing some independence between the helmet and the wearer's head. This is intended to help reduce the rotational forces that can act on the brain. Actually not that difficult to understand :/ It works, that's what's important in the end!

Then I look at Kineticore and immediately see what's happening here, my simple brain tells me "Aha, lots of little hard foam columns, when I fall, usually sideways, sliding somewhere, whatever, they break and take the energy from the impact, I have a headache "Still, but a lot of energy is wasted and probably crumbles over my forehead." It makes sense and I can see it at first glance! Plus, it wears fantastic! Really! So far I've had an IXS half shell and a UVEX, all great helmets! However, NO HELMET comes close to this wearing comfort! You don't notice it, really! It's super light, looks great and, despite the weird look of Kineticore, feels fantastic! That's why I no longer want a helmet with a MIPS system. Kineticore is the most comfortable to wear in my small selection of helmets!

If you really get into trouble and the helmet is damaged, LAZER has a crash replacement program ! Ie you get the successor helmet , 50% cheaper! Accessories are also available, in the form of a GoPro mount supplied, or an optionally available rear light which can be attached to the back of the helmet! Bravo!!

Kineticore is easier to understand than MIPS The inner shell of the Lazer Jackal

Here in technical jargon:

Helmet manufacturer Lazer unveils its latest innovation, a protective technology that is intended to specifically protect against the effects of rotational forces that occur in oblique head impacts. This pioneering system is called Kineticore and is derived from kinetic energy that can act on the core of the head, the brain, upon impact.

Lazer developed Kineticore specifically for its own helmet models, and it is a fully integrated protection system built into the helmet's EPS cushioning material. No additional materials are required on the helmet.

The interior of the helmet features a textured surface that features raised "impact zones." Differently shaped foam areas, which vary in height, length and width, are mounted in a block-like arrangement within the helmet. These impact blocks were specifically designed so that they can deform in a targeted manner in the event of an impact.

I didn't know LAZER ...shame on my head, but I guess I'm not alone...when I got to put it on I really asked myself, "Why?!!!"

Seriously, this helmet completely got me, as soon as I put it on! I've never had such a comfortable helmet on my head! It feels super homogeneous, even though it doesn't seem that way when you look at the Kineticore ! It is extremely light and thanks to the great accessories such as a protective cover or a GoPro mount, it is simply a well-rounded package that I hope I never have to fully test! I hope none of you have to! But no matter what, wear a helmet people! There is no reason other than your own vanity to go without a helmet! If you've been hesitant so far, try the Lazer Jackal ! Believe me, you'll never want to take it off, really, it just feels so great!


  • Lazer Jackal homepage
  • Colors: Matt Black, Black/White, Matt Dark Grey, Matt Blue, Matt Dark Green, Matt White Mint, Matt Desert
  • Adjustment system: TurnSys system
  • Sizes: S/52-56cm M/55-59cm L/58-61cm XL/61-64cm
  • Weight: 340g (Size M CE)
  • LED: Compatible with universal LED light
    Price: RRP: €199 (Approximately €100 on sale at our partner Bike-Components )
    Color overview (right click, open image in new tab to enlarge)

Video from our friend Mike Rides MTB

Video from our friend Mike Rides MTB

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Hahaha, Du wurdest endlich lazerfiziert 🥳 … Ich trage seit Jahren Lazer, weil ich genau das was Du schreibst zu 100% bestätigen kann.
Tolle Helme, super Tragekomfort, extrem leicht und mit dem neuen Kineticore noch bequemer 👍


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