Hausrat vs. Fahrradversicherung

Household contents vs. bicycle insurance

Is your own household contents insurance sufficient for your sweetheart?
Bicycles can also be insured against theft through existing household contents insurance.
One problem with home contents insurance is that it only applies to locked rooms.
As soon as the insurance cover is also to apply outside the “place of residence” (behind closed doors), a separate inclusion is required. This is optionally available with almost all current household contents insurance policies, although some insurers limit the amount, for example to €500. Some top household contents insurers also include a bicycle clause up to €10,000 free of charge, or even up to the insured sum.
With some older (and today's bad) insurance policies, you also have to pay attention to the so-called nighttime clause. This means that theft at night, usually between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., would not be covered by the insurance if the bike is outside and not in use.
However, you should find out exactly what the insurance covers and what it doesn't. You should take a closer look, especially with older contracts!
The much better option is independent bicycle insurance! It is individually customizable and has additional modules that can save you a lot of money! Did you have a crash and the frame of your bike broke, for example? Bicycle insurance covers something like this in most cases!
Do you have a worn drive? The bicycle insurance covers the wearing parts and covers the bill!
If you have any questions about bike insurance, I'll be happy to help you! Just write me a PM!
You can find the comparison calculator here:

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