Hey, hello people! I ran into a pretty nasty problem with EVOC backpacks! The backpack itself is really great! Well made, super well thought out and everything that needs to fit fits into the 30L version. Nevertheless, as a 120 kg man, I had a real problem! I couldn't get the stomach/hip belt to close... Yes, that hurts a lot if you're too fat for a backpack! :D But okay, so what to do? Back with it? Looking for a new one?

I asked the Sons of Battery community on Facebook for advice and lo and behold, I was helped without being completely unhappy!

For divers and pregnant women, there are abdominal extensions that are really great!
10 euros is no money for that either! It doesn't even look bad in the end :D The important thing is that you get the strap around the boiler and the EVOC sits!

Various abdominal straps

I hope I could help you with this! So don't despair! There is no such thing as too fat for the EVOC! Waist circumference is also a legend! :D

Ride On people!

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Danke dafür ;) Hab mir gerade ‘nen Evoc bestellt und stand genau vor demselben Problem :D
Andere Frage (vielleicht liest du das ja noch) – gibt’s auch für den eigentlichen Gurt (also das Teil mit der Schnalle) ne Verlängerung? Der ist leider irgendwie festgenäht und kann nicht ausgetauscht werden.


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