Die richtige Schwalbe Reifen Kombination!

The right Schwalbe tire combination!

We recently had Schwalbe in the studio and talked about the current product range - one topic that you were very interested in was the right tire combinations! I have excluded this for you and am making it available to you here.

Nobby Nic + Wicked Will - For all mountain with a focus on low weight
Schwalbe All Mountain tires

Does weight matter? 2x Nobby Nic ! Schwalbe tires

Schwalbe All Mountain Performance tires
Massive grip and indestructible! The Eddy Current
Enduro compromise between weight and grip: Magic Mary + Nobby Nic Schwalbe tires

Chasing the best time is your goal? Then mix Magic Mary with Big Betty !

The absolute enduro racer is the new Tacky Chan ! Technically experienced bikers can generate higher cornering speeds. Is possibly an image of text "TACK 74.90 TIRE 62-584 62- EXECUTION SUP COMPOL TO"

Of course, the different carcasses also play a role, here is a very understandable overview: The different carcasses
Schwalbe tires

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