Knötchen und Fusseln am Shirt?

Pills and lint on the shirt?

Hey guys, do you have little lumps on your shirt? This is called pilling!

The development of pilling and therefore unpleasant fabric pills on our clothing is very easy. Dissolved fabric fibers form into a small ball when they rub against another surface . e.g. through the backpack, etc. But even when sitting in the car, if the T-shirt rubs against the fabric of the seat, it is possible that small nodules form from loose fabric fibers. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about it.

As a tip for removing pilling, I mention the razor! Shaving everything with this and the tangles are gone! However, the material also suffers, as it is logically becoming thinner... but for the feeling it is clean again =)

How do you prevent pilling?
  • Do not put clothes in the dryer
  • Wash the good fabric separately in a laundry bag
  • Gentle cycle
  • use mild detergent
  • Avoid using fabric softener, as this makes the fabric softer and more susceptible to pilling
  • Turn clothing inside out
  • Regularly remove loose fibers and lint with a lint roller

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